Student Wellness Conferences

Eating Disorders

Impactful testimonials. Practical coping strategies. Free event and parking. 

Monday February 5th, 2024
Cégep de l’Outaouais, Gabrielle-Roy Campus (Café Contraste)



5:30 PM – Karine Pendleton (EN)
Beyond Appearances: Understanding Eating Disorders

With four years of experience at ANEB, Karine holds a degree in criminology from the University of Montreal. Her background includes roles in a crisis center and a resource for young adults facing psychosocial challenges. She has also volunteered at a youth center. 

During the conference, you will learn about issues related to body image, fatphobia, diet culture, eating disorders, and their characteristics, among other topics. The best methods of communication and intervention with individuals experiencing eating disorders will also be addressed.


7:00 PM – Jessica Brodeur (FR)
L’espoir est possible

Jessica shares her life as a mother, stepmother, wife, and entrepreneur on her social media platforms and website. Launched in 2019 during her therapy to overcome eating disorders, her Instagram account has inspired thousands of women to embrace body acceptance. A staunch advocate for body diversity and inclusion, Jessica advocates for self-love, intuitive eating, and self-acceptance. 

During her conferences, she shares her experience, promotes a positive body image without restrictive diets, and provides practical tools to cultivate a healthy relationship with the body and mind. 

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