Post-secondary student communities are constantly evolving, and the changes can involve cultural background, sexual and gender identity, first-generation students, Indigenous students, or allophone students. We have recognized that our institutions must adapt in order to create an inclusive environment that will enable each student to have an enriching experience in which their true worth and realities will be recognized.

Student success is more than just academic success. It also means people succeeding as they pursue their individual paths to becoming autonomous, responsible citizens, open to the world and to others.

​The creation of a student committee that values diversity will enable students from the three public post-secondary institutions in the Outaouais to have a significant impact on their own student experience and pave the way for future cohorts. Projects emerging from the student community are more successful than those coming from employees, even if they do design them for students.

​For this reason, the student committee will aim to promote the student diversity present in our communities by developing, planning and carrying out projects that are close to their hearts. Committee members will have the opportunity to design their own action plan over a few years based on their vision of diversity and their student realities.

Project lead and partners

Éric Guérin, assistant director at Cégep de l’Outaouais (CO)’s Direction de la vie étudiante et du soutien à la communauté, and Alexandra Roy, student life advisor at CO, with the collaboration of student life representatives from UQO and Cégep Heritage College.

Amount received from PESO

PESO has granted $6,000 for carrying out this project in 2021-2022.

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