In the fall of 2022, participatory action research (Chevalier and Buckles, 2013) was added to the TRAMPO project, carried out with the full collaboration of all partners, including the universities and CEGEPs. This research will deepen the understanding of the educational professionals and the young people’s perception of social norms and how this can shape their experience and choices regarding the post-secondary transition, in particular for atypical educational and life paths. All the individuals (100+), educational establishments and partner institutions involved in the TRAMPO project will be represented in the research results (study ending in 2024), which will be used to guide their actions.

TRAMPO research receives financial assistance from the PESO.

Researchers in charge of this project:

  • Marc Molgat (Université d’Ottawa)
  • Jean-François Chapman (CÉGEP de l’Outaouais)
  • Geneviève Emond (TRAMPO, TEO/PESO)
  • With a team of co-researchers : Aimeline Delarasse, Emmanuel David and Léa Rancourt, with the support of Zachary Laplante
Photo : Jean-François Chapman, teacher at CÉGEP de l’Outaouais

The research results were presented 3-times in the past months :

  1. On April 24th – 2024 at the Chelsea Pub for our TRAMPO-partners
  2. At the 91st ACFAS-Congress in May 2024 at University of Ottawa:
  3. At the AQPC Congress in June 2024 in Gatineau (Congress Center):

For the AQPC Congress, we used graphics featuring research results (in French).

The drawings at the center of the graphics illustrates a typology of 3-types of young with regards to their reactions to social norms, whether they: resist, negotiate or conform.

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